The Vegan Approach is a new group founded by Kelly Slade and Chrissy Leyland.

Our aim is to support individuals and groups to go vegan, stay vegan and to eat a healthy vegan diet. We will achieve this by demonstrating an easy, practical and friendly approach towards veganism.


We ask people to sign up to be vegan for a month. Having an initial goal of being vegan for one month and following our 10 simple steps, makes the transition to eating an animal-free diet easy.


Participants are invited to vegan information days at the start and end of their vegan month. Our meetings are practical with cookery demos, eating out tips and nutritional information.


Participants will be introduced to their local vegan buddy at our meetings. These experienced vegans offer information, support and encouragement for those starting their vegan journey. You will also get to meet other like-minded people starting on a similar journey.